Aviation, redefined.

The world's first gate-to-gate autonomous civilian aircraft;
designed specifically for autonomous cargo delivery.

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Disrupting the Freight Forwarding Industry

With nearly 8,000 small airports in the United States, you are hardly more than a few miles away from one at any given time. Currently only a few hundred of them are used for cargo delivery, since pilots are in short supply, and the planes they fly are too big to fit into smaller airfields. Simulations have shown that a fleet of light autonmous aircraft in the United States would yield shipping times five times faster than today's rates, and cut costs by a factor of four.

Traditional Freight Forwarding (8+ Steps)

ACAP Method (4 Steps)

Prototype Aircraft

Due to the prohibitive development and certification costs of new aircraft, ACAP is prototyping with a 1972 Piper Cherokee 140, one of the most popular civilian aircraft ever produced. The Cherokee provides a close aerodynamic, mechanical, and electrical appoximation to larger target aircraft, such as the Cessna Caravan, and Piper Navajo, which are capable of carrying several tons of cargo.

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